About Us

We make your home more functional and modern

Welcome to Your Builder Hero Construction, Here we offer an entire home renovation.  Our experience over 10 years helps us to offer the best results to our clients every time they choose us.

Your Builder Hero Construction is a full service building company specialising in home renovations, home extensions, full maintenance and building alterations across the London.  If your goal is to add value to your most important asset, get in touch and let us know what you are wishing to achieve, or read more about our wide range of home improvement services, before getting a no obligation estimate.

Your Builder Hero also has a network of vendors to supply the best materials for your project at the best available “trade” prices.

For most of us, our homes do not suit the modern style of living, but it is possible to transform the look and feel of your home by making some important changes to the present layout. For example, you can change the way your home functions by knocking through a new door or blocking in the existing doorway. Besides, you can remove the cramped feeling of a room by opting for open plan living. A room’s feel and function can be changed easily by altering or removing one or two internal walls. And there are many other scopes. For instance, you can add a window to a room or a darker part of your home to add more light. You can do these things by choosing home renovations and alterations services

We are based in South West London and our goal is that work is “done right, on time ”. 

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